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This is where you can find all the information regarding the club. All documents will be posted here and on the the club's Google Drive.

All announcements including: cancellations, changes to times, etc. will be made here.

Club Info

Location: Computer Lab

Time: 3:30-5:00ish PM

Day: Monday


Google Drive:


Web Development

Learn to make any kind of website you want! Study languages like HTML, PHP, and JavaScript to increase your understanding!

App Development

Learn how to make apps for Android phones! Study languages like Java, MySQL, and XML to increase your understanding!

Video Game Development

Learn how to make video games for Windows, Xbox, and Windows Phone! Learn C# and apply it to XNA studio!


Learn how to program microcontrollers like the Arduino Uno! Study C++, Arduino development suite, and basic electrical engineering skills!


Learn the inner workings of computer science from complexity to graph theory and everything in between!

CS 101

Learn the basics of programming before deciding which area interests you the most!

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